General Dentistry

When you think of a routine visit to the dentist, you are probably thinking of general dentistry. We are proud to offer our exceptional level of general dentistry care to the communities around us, including Batavia, Geneva and other towns.

Just like you, we want your teeth to stay healthy and sound. We know what it takes to achieve this goal and we want to support your efforts to preserve the health of your teeth. We know that the very best result of our care is a patient who has a full set of his or her own healthy teeth.

The general dentistry care we provide to our community includes the following:


Dental Cleanings

Coming in for regular dental cleanings is one of the best things you can do to protect the long-term health of your teeth. Life gets busy, but if you can maintain a good at-home routine and come in twice a year for cleanings, you have a very good chance of keeping your teeth healthy and sound. Cleanings remove the buildup of tartar from your teeth and that’s how you prevent cavities and gum disease. The fewer cavities and less gum disease you have, the longer your teeth will remain healthy and the less expensive those healthy teeth will be.  


Dental Examinations and X-Rays

When you come in for cleanings, we will also do a thorough examination and update your x-rays, if needed. This will permit us to look for signs of small cavities that might be hard to see with the naked eye. And should any problems be developing under the gums, like cysts, bone loss, abscesses or impacted teeth, we can catch these problems early.

A thorough examination goes further than just looking at your teeth and x-rays. We will also measure how tightly your gums fit around your teeth. If the gums are not tightly attached to the teeth, there is room for bacteria to grow. We will advise you on how to reverse this situation to prevent serious gum disease and loosened teeth. We will also do cancer screenings every time we do an examination. The healthier your teeth, gums and mouth, the more certain it is that you will be able to preserve those pearly teeth.


Dental Fillings

Sometimes cavities happen even when you do your best to prevent them. When that happens, the best thing to do is clean them out as soon as possible and fill the open space with tooth-colored material. Your teeth will keep their glossy, white appearance, even when you are laughing and they are more visible. Another advantage of this material is that it bonds very well to your tooth material. When metals were used for fillings, more of your tooth substance had to be drilled away to secure the filling because metal does not bond to teeth. The composite resin we use today for tooth-colored fillings is a significant advance over older systems.


Periodontal Care (Treatment of Gum Disease)

You might think that keeping your teeth healthy is mostly about making sure there is no decay. Actually, the health of your gums is a very important component of your overall dental and oral health. If tartar is allowed to remain on your teeth, your gums will become irritated and will eventually harbor an excessive level of bacteria. They will start to bleed and hurt and can begin to recede, making your teeth look longer. As the roots are exposed from this recession, your teeth become more sensitive.

The longer this condition is allowed to continue, the more the bone in your jaws will suffer. Bone mass will be lost and your teeth may begin to shift their positions or become loose. We can help with examinations of your gum health when you come in for cleanings. If we see signs of gum disease that require periodontal treatment to remedy, we will advise you on the best at-home care regimen and treatment plan to bring everything back to health. Deep cleanings under the gums and special antibiotics to fight existing infections under the gums will help speed you into good condition again.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are great solutions for protecting teeth that have suffered some kind of damage. Maybe they have been cracked, fractured or chipped in a mishap. Or they have had root canal therapy in the past and will become brittle if not protected. Some teeth with large fillings should also be protected with a dental crown. We take pride in providing patients with a crown that fits perfectly into their bite and that matches their other teeth. Crowns give us a way to help our patients retain those natural teeth which need a little help and strengthening.


Dental Bridges

While we work with our patients to preserve every tooth we can, sometimes a tooth can’t be saved. In that case, we can provide our patients with a dental bridge to fill the open space. A quality dental bridge will match the color, texture and size of the other teeth and keep nearby teeth from shifting into the empty space. Filling that empty spot also prevents the opposite tooth from growing longer, which can happen if there is no tooth to meet it. Teeth also rely on their adjacent teeth to stabilize them, so a dental bridge restores that support to a row of teeth.

For all your general dentistry needs, please call Dr. Murphy’s office today. Let us know what your goals for dental care are and what questions you might have. We will be happy to help you get started on the right treatment plan to get you the results you have in mind. Call us at 630-984-5605 to schedule your appointment.