You may already know that there are two kinds of dentures—partial dentures that replace part of the teeth in the upper or lower jaw, and complete dentures which replace all of them. When we have a patient who has lost some or all of their teeth, we take pride in our ability to provide them with dentures that make their life comfortable again and restore their appearance.

When you have a well-made set of dentures that fit well and don’t shift around in your mouth, you can begin to live confidently again. Well-crafted dentures offer the following advantages:

  • You won’t have to worry about them making noise when you talk or their preventing you from speaking clearly.
  • You will be able to chew your food thoroughly, which helps your nutrition.
  • Dentures help preserve the shape of your face by positioning your jaw in its normal location and filling in your cheeks.
  • When they are beautifully crafted, no one will even know you have dentures!

Your friends and family will see the quality of the teeth, but as the wearer of dentures, you are likely to be just as concerned with the fit. Dr. Murphy will carefully tailor your dentures to the exact shape of your gums. Any adjustments needed will be made until your dentures are completely comfortable for you. We know that any discomfort in the beginning can turn into irritated and painful spots in your mouth very quickly.



Providing You with Dentures

Your new dentures start with consulting with you about your health and your needs, and making sure that your gums and mouth are currently healthy. We follow that with making accurate molds of your gums and any teeth that remain. We must also calculate the correct position for your jaw, as if you had all your teeth, because this is a vital measurement for comfortable dentures.

These measurements will be sent to the lab to create your new partial or complete dentures. When the product comes back, it may take some adjusting and even a new manufacturing cycle to get the dentures just right to be comfortable and fully functional. There could be one or more fitting appointments before both you and Dr. Murphy are happy with the fit and the appearance. At that point, we will need to stay in touch with you as you get used to the dentures so we can further adjust the fit as needed for your complete comfort.


An Encouraging Word About Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

If you are reading this information, perhaps you already need complete dentures. If you are not currently a candidate for full dentures, we encourage you to talk to us about how you can preserve your teeth so you will never need complete dentures. If you currently need partial dentures, we can help you learn how to protect your remaining teeth.

We will make you as comfortable as possible in your new partial or complete dentures, but they will never be quite the same as your own natural teeth. Dentures need to be replaced every several years. Additionally, you will probably find that the shape of your gums changes gradually, meaning that your dentures will need to be relined for your comfort. Keeping your teeth is the best guarantee that the bone in your jaw will stay intact as this bone starts breaking down when teeth do not provide the usual stimulus from biting and chewing. Dentures do not provide this healthy stimulation to the jaw. Ultimately, jaw bone loss can change the shape of your face, making you look older.

Whatever you need—whether it’s dentures or a treatment plan to preserve your existing teeth, we invite you to experience the difference of our care. Our primary concern is your desire for your good health and appearance. We are here to help you achieve those desires. Call us today at 630-984-5605 and let us help you get started.